About Us

The company was established on 5th May 2007 to take over the spun off unit situated at Nayakund, Nagpur. Promoters who have experience of more than 25 years in the industry are managing it. Although a family business, Suryaamba is managed very professionally by a team of managers having extensive experience and knowledge in the field of textiles.

Suryaamba Spinning Mills Limited distinguishes itself, by applying principles of lean manufacturing to create a system that utilizes the minimum amount of resources necessary to satisfy customer requirements. Continuous improvement(Kaizen) philosophy is encouraged and our employees are given freedom to adopt a better way to complete the work allotted to them. Our philosophy of Just-In-Time Production has helped us to adopt pull systems and minimize all types of inventories in the plant. All these innovations in our manufacturing philosophy have helped us to pass these cost savings to our customers.

Our state of the art Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) SYSTEM) integrates information accross the entire organization and helps us in maintaining transparency throughout the system

We have built our business on strong values of integrity, moral fiber, ethics and tranparency. We have a very strong relationship with our employees, customers, suppliers and dealers. We are proud of the fact that we unswervingly continue to create value for our stakeholders and always look to strive forward.

Our People

Since the facility's inception in 1992, the manufacturing facility has expanded from a capacity of 6,000 spindles to 40,000 spindles. This growth has been fostered and powered by single-minded dedication of our employees towards the company.

We believe in providing our employees with the best of resources to nurture their talent and facilitate personal development. We encourage development of cross functional skills and emphasize knowledge sharing. This is testimony to the fact that 60% of our employees continue to work with the company since its inception.

Over the years, we have developed a very strong team of individuals who have exhibited exceptional devotion, gained substantial knowledge and expertise in their field of work. At Suryaamba, we have developed a strong bond of family values amongst employees and successfully continue to foster our core values at work.